Mom on a Mission

Mom on a Mission

No one can do everything. Everyone can do something.

These are words we live by Healthy Child as we work to educate and empower parents to protect children from toxic chemicals. Of course there are moms all over America already taking action to protect children. We honor these amazing women with our Mom on a Mission® award.

Our Mom on a Mission® campaign celebrates inspiring women who have dedicated their lives to creating healthier environments for children. Currently in its sixth year, the program recognizes all that moms do to make the world a better place as women, consumers, professionals, thought leaders, volunteers, and role models for future generations. Research shows moms play a bigger role in determining if their kids’ products and environments are safe and healthy. Mothers are also predominately in charge of family purchasing and therefore influence the market. Every year we receive hundreds of nominations praising moms who are truly making a difference all over the nation. We highlight one finalist a month, someone who demonstrates the spirit of the Mom on a Mission® program.

Each year, the program continues to grow and we are appreciative to our community for their support, nominations, and of course, the collective voice of moms, dads and caregivers everywhere.

We urge you to read about all of our past finalists here. Together these moms are going up against industry, changing the face of research, rejiggering school lunch, advocating for our children, and reporting from the front lines of environmental health.

In the fall, the 2014 “Mom on a Mission®” will be chosen from our monthly finalists and formally recognized at an event ceremony in her honor. The official 2014 contest winner for the year will be chosen by our Selection Panel of Healthy Child Board Members, Advisors and Ambassadors. To learn more, read our Mom on a Mission Contest Rules. 

Do you know a Mom on a Mission®? 

Are you or someone you know helping transform the industry, getting toxic products off the shelves or educating others on how to raise healthier children? Click here to nominate a mom for the 2014 contest: Nominate a mom today! 

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