By Sonya Lunder, Senior Analyst

The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning for parents to immediately stop feeding babies any homeopathic teething tablets and gels, and to discard any unused products.

The FDA is concerned that these products could cause serious adverse effects in infants, and cautioned parents to seek medical care if their children experience seizures, breathing difficulties or any other worrisome symptoms after using the tablets and gels.

The products are sold under the Orajel, Hyland’s and CVS brand names.

In response to the FDA’s order, CVS announced an immediate and voluntary withdrawal of all homeopathic teething products. But the products still appear to be available for purchase online.

The FDA’s action appears to stem from concern about the active ingredient belladonna in the tablets. In 2010, the agency issued a consumer safety alert about Hyland’s tablets based on adverse effects reports for children taking these tablets, and variable concentrations of belladonna in the products. In a statement on its website, Hyland’s disputes the FDA’s allegations.