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Betty Ann Gaynor, the driving force behind Gaynornews.com, is a seasoned publicist and journalist in practice for over 20 years. As an independent consultant she has worked in a broad range of client arenas and has a knack for discovering newsworthy gems in every client, corporation or professional.

According to her clients, Betty Ann’s success is due to her keen “nose for news”, an eclectic and curiosity-driven intellect and her sincere spiritual commitment to promoting wellness.

Throughout the years, she has worked on vanguard projects that have set new standards of health and wellness. In so doing, she has established an outstanding network of health and education professionals and companies.

Additionally, her journalistic approach to promotion produces results for her clients. Her news-driven campaigns have produced national hard news and feature placements with Associated Press, United Press International, Gannett and Scripps Howard syndicated wire services, national magazines, and daily newspapers with a circulation range from 120,000 to over a million. Her broadcasting coverage includes international placements as well as stories on network-affiliated television and radio stations.

Passionate about protecting children from toxic harm, Betty Ann is an ardent health advocate and has done pro bono work since 1994 for Healthy Child, Healthy World ( healthychild.org.) As a founding Board Member, she spearheaded the initial national public relations media strategy in 2002. Today she serves on the Honorary Board and promotes initiatives in Southeast Florida that motivate new parents to create healthier home and garden living environments through education about non-toxic product purchases and practices.

In addition to her skills in media-related public relations, Gaynor is bi-lingual, a published free-lance writer and a veteran junior high school teacher. She has masters of art degrees in journalism and teaching Spanish. She is an alumna of The University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and The University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.

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