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The health of your child is also impacted by factors outside your home. To create a healthy environment in our neighborhoods & communities, we have to take action.


Kellogg’s: No More Fake Food Dyes in Kid’s Fruit Snacks

Most recently, Health Child Healthy World teamed up with health and wellness experts, Erica Reid and Latham Thomas, to petition Kellogg’s to remove artificial food dyes from children’s fruit snacks. Some studies link the consumption of artificial food dyes to behavioral problems in kids, and even cancer. With the petition growing to more than 120,000 signatures, we hope to leverage the power of our community to encourage Kellogg’s to take children’s health more seriously. Click here to learn more and sign our petition!


Americans assume that chemicals used to make ordinary products are tested for safety — but they are not. From baby bottles made with bisphenol-A (BPA) to carpets containing formaldehyde, dangerous chemicals are in our homes and in the products we use every day.

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was meant to regulate new commercial chemicals before they enter the market. However, with each new scientific report linking toxic chemical exposure to health problems, it becomes obvious that the existing laws are not working.

Now, we have the chance to fix this problem and to protect future generations. By updating or introducing new legislation governing the use of toxic chemicals, Congress can create a sound policy that protects public health and the environment. The Safe Chemicals Act can be the change we need. But without your support, industry influence might win out and leave us with weaker regulations. Connect with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families to find out more and join the national effort to protect children and family from toxic chemicals.


Enter your zip code at Congress.org to find your congressional representatives. Everyone has two Senators and one Representative. Put together a quick email and send to all three at once. A phone call, paper letter or in-person meeting will have even more impact. Send your congressional representatives a note letting them know you support legislation to strengthen America’s toxic chemical standards.


It’s okay if you’re not quite ready to become an activist. Don’t fret – there are small but important ways for you to take action to protect your children.

  • Visit our Easy Steps Resource Center to learn about simple ways to reduce the impact of toxic chemicals in your own home.
  • Read our Blog! Don’t have a lot of time?  Reading a few short blog posts here and there can get you started on learning about how to make your home greener, cleaner and safer.

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