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What Are Some Natural Alternatives to Pull-Ups?


“I am potty training our 2.5 year old…I wanted to know what is a natural alternative to pull-ups?? I tried to say the old G-diaper was underwear but it didn’t work…what do you do at nap time…I just used a Seventh Gen. diaper.”


Go for a cloth training diaper. Cloth is a great option because children can more easily feel when they are wet so they train faster (cloth diapered babies have been shown to train earlier, too – up to 6 months earlier than average!) There may be an economic advantage, too. Instead of having to buy disposable pull-ups after each accident, you can just wash the cloth ones and reuse them.

There are many options available, but here are a couple that stood out to me because they were a happy medium between a diaper and training pants (which is what traditional disposable pull-ups function as). They are also safer products made with more eco-friendly materials.

  • ImseVimse Training Pants are functional and stylish and are made with organic cotton. Kids love the trim and comfortable fit. Organic cotton knit outside with two layers of absorbent organic cotton terry on the inside, and one inner layer of PUL. ImseVimse training pants protect clothes from getting wet when small accidents happen. Recommended for day-time use only. Tips: For older children and heavy wetters, increase absorbency by adding one of our organic diaper liners. For extra protection, try adding a diaper cover for nap-time or as needed.
  • Little Beetle Learners are 100% certified organic, fair-trade cotton velour. With 3 cheerful colors to choose from, the Little Beetle Learners are made of two layers of soft and thirsty organic cotton velour, with a 3rd layer hidden in the wet zone. These organic training pants are 100% natural fiber with no PUL or synthetic water proof layer. Pull on design is easy for small children to master, while side snaps make it easy for mom or dad to remove in the event of a larger accident. These trainers can even be used as a diapering system with the addition of a doubler and diaper cover.

Still, some parents aren’t fond of having to launder soiled training pants and prefer a disposable option. But, you know what? After searching the internet for quite some time, I couldn’t find a single disposable option from one of the natural diaper companies that was the pull-up style. Hmph!

New idea: potty train in one day so you don’t need to find trainers. Anyone ever tried the Potty Training in One Day program with Potty Scotty and Potty Pattie?

This answer was provided by our fabulous Senior Editor, Janelle. See all of our questions and answers at Get Answers. Do you have a question? Let us know!

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