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Clover Organic Farms

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Clover is a third-generation family-owned and -operated sustainable dairy company based in Northern California’s idyllic Sonoma County. Clover produces full branded lines of Clover Organic and Clover Stornetta natural milk and other dairy products, distributed in conventional, natural, and specialty markets throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. Working closely with our small, family-owned dairy suppliers, our commitments are to quality, safety, and sustainability for our dairy families and cows, our consumer families, and our communities.

Clover Organic milk is certified by Quality Certification Services (QCS), “Certifying Globally, Acting Locally.” Our dairy families do not use the synthetic growth hormone, rBST. Our cows graze on certified organic pasture and feed, and are treated holistically without use of antibiotics or other medications. Clover Organic is certified under the USDA National Organic Program.

American Humane Certified
 In 2000, Clover became the first dairy in the U.S. to become American Humane Certified by the American Humane Association, and is still one of a very few. This annual re-certification guarantees that our family dairy cows live in a humane environment with proper care, spacious grassy pastures, and the natural sociability of happy Sonoma cows.

Quality Assurance
Clover consistently earns the highest scores from leading third-party auditors for its cleanliness and food safety practices.


All Clover products are certified OU Dairy Kosher by the Orthodox Union which maintains the highest standards of kosher certification.

North Coast Excellence Certification

Clover established the NCEC program in 1994 as a way to continually advance its sustainability programs by challenging our dairy families to achieve deeper objective measures of sustainability for land and animals. Clover pays our dairy families a premium to produce milk to these rigorous
standards. An independent auditor verifies compliance.

Seal of Sustainability
Clover is one of only 14 companies worldwide to be awarded the Seal of Sustainability™ from the Sustainable Business Institute.

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