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Dr. Shanna Swan is on a mission to lead studies that draw attention to ways that chemical exposure can affect reproductive health.

Shanna Swan, PhD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York.

Dr. Swan’s pioneering epidemiological studies drew scientific and public attention to ways that chemical exposure can affect reproductive health. Her work has provoked attacks from anti-regulatory advocates and industry representatives because her data and analyses sharply challenge the adequacy of public health standards. Her studies of humans have been especially noteworthy because she has developed novel, rigorous approaches that explicitly address predictions emerging from toxicological studies of endocrine disruption in animals. Her work linking boys reproductive health and behavior to prenatal phthalate exposure helped efforts to pass legislation that removed the “worst actors” from commerce in the US and EU. She sits on the boards of Environmental Defense Canada, Prevention Magazine, Science Communication Network, and the Center of Excellence in Environmental Health of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She’s also an Associate Editor for the journal Endocrine Disruptors and reviewer for numerous journals and National Institutes of Health study sections.

To learn more about Dr. Swan’s work, read her first-person blog here.

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