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Kelly Blackstone

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Co-founder of Three Branches Healthy Living

Kelly Blackstone grew up in Baton Rouge, LA and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008 with a degree in Kinesiology: Health Promotion and Fitness. After college, inspired by Allison Evans, her best friend and future business partner, Kelly and Allison ventured to Hunt, Texas where they spent a summer learning about the harmful characteristics of every day personal care products, cleaning products, and food. From that point forward Kelly knew that she wanted to dedicate her time to educate and inspire others to make their own healthier decisions.

Kelly co-founded Three Branches Healthy Living, an online retail shop, in 2009 with a goal of preventing people from one day saying “Why didn’t anyone tell me?!” Three Branches Healthy Living offers customers a plethora of educational opportunities as well as a number of high quality non-toxic products and supplements. One of Kelly‚Äôs main focuses within the company is the Three Branches blog, which offers practical examples of how to replace conventional products with easy, healthy alternatives. She is living proof that you can go throughout life using the same products for years without realizing they are harmful to your health until you make the switch to non-toxic products.

Kelly and Allison launched their own non-toxic cleaning line, Branch Basics, in the winter of 2010. Having such a passion for using only safe and healthy cleaning products, the two women are completely hands-on with every step of the process, including mixing, bottling and labeling.

Kelly has gone on to study Building Biology, which looks at the effects of conventional building materials on our health, as well as the hazards of electromagnetic radiation and poor indoor air quality.

She currently lives in Jackson, MS where she is the manager of the Pilates Place of Mississippi, and travels to teach healthy living workshops with Allison.

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