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How can I politely suggest safer gifts for my son?


Anyone have any ways to suggest for my son’s first birthday that we would appreciate natural toys? I really don’t want people to waste their money on toys we won’t use! I’m not sure how to do this politely or tactfully, thanks!


This is tough and a common concern. You can make an Amazon wishlist to send to people, or if you have a Target or Babies-R-Us near you, you can set up a registry (many larger retailers are beginning to stock a small variety of safer products that you could highlight). If you want to explain why, you can add a little educational information in your invites or in emails to friends and families. Here’s an idea:

“We’re so excited that X is turning one and we’re blessed he’s been so healthy. I’ve seen more and more headlines about toxic chemicals and heavy metals in toys, care products, and other everyday items and it makes me concerned about exposing X. Even the President’s Cancer Panel recently said we should try to avoid many common products. Please help us protect X’s health and celebrate his birthday with safer gifts. We’ve set up a wishlist on Amazon and have registries at Target and Babies-R-Us to help you. You can also learn more at healthychild.org and www.healthystuff.org. Thank you in advance for your understanding!”

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