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Empowering women and challenging the current beauty industry, BeautyCounter is a new collection of beauty and skincare products.

Beautycounter started with an empty bottle and 
an unwavering commitment to developing products that protect your health, your skin, and your home.

There are 1,300 chemicals banned or restricted from personal care products in the European Union. The U.S. bans only 11 allowing for cosmetics companies to use chemicals that can cause serious health impacts. We have taken it upon ourselves to create a unique, health-protective ingredient screening process that considers your long-term safety. We take look, feel, performance and results just as seriously.

Beautycounter works with trusted nonprofits like Healthy Child Healthy World to educate people about the need for safer chemicals in everyday products. Their effective, accessible and desirable collections counter what is on the market today. Their social selling platform creates the opportunity for people to do well while doing good.

The skincare and body care products you use most often should be the very safest. Beautycounter’s first collection offers everything you and your family needs to begin to build a clean, healthy daily routine, plus a few extras that add beauty to every day. KidsCounter and cosmetics will be launching soon.

To shop or join the movement as a member, host, or consult, please visit Beautycounter.com.

Hear from Beautycounter founder Gregg Renfrew on why she started Beautycounter and why she is so passionate about this mission.


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