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Lullaby Paints is a designer paint collection that is safe for newborns, expectant moms and families. Safe enough for kids to paint with, too! The award-winning paints are praised as much for their color, coverage and durability, as they are for safety.



Once upon a time, long before the cultural awakening to toxics in everyday products, a European inventor found himself living quite miserably because of his sensitivity to the chemicals and fumes found in products like paint. Fortunately, he was also a brilliant chemist and decided to take it upon himself to create something better. He needed it. And, as it turns, so do many others.

Fast forward to not too long ago… A small group of moms and dads learned that the paints people used in their nurseries were filled with toxic materials linked to things like asthma, allergies, developmental disorders, and even cancer, and so they brought the inventor’s safe paint formula here from across the pond to the ones who need it most: your babies. Thus Lullaby Paints was born – with a vision of providing parents with the safest paints for creating healthy spaces for their little ones.


We are parents and future parents who are genuinely concerned about the health and safety of babies. We’re committed to educating others about the risks posed by traditional paints. And, we’re motivated by the desire to leave a legacy – creating the next evolution of an industry and transforming nurseries across the country into spaces where babies can truly thrive.

There is no good reason why premium quality, durable, beautiful paint needs to contain toxic chemicals. At Lullaby Paints, thanks to our extraordinary and brilliant technology, we have proven this. Not only that, we’ve designed a new breed of packaging for paint that has a significantly smaller eco-footprint. We think our children and grandchildren will be very proud.

Children are a precious gift. We are honored to be able to play a small role in protecting yours.

Lullaby Paints Intro from lullabypaints on Vimeo.

To learn more, visit www.lullabypaints.com

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