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We founded organicKidz on the premise that feeding should always be healthy and safe for your baby. organicKidz stainless steel bottles are the safest, healthiest and most durable bottle feeding solution for parents.


Here are 10 reasons why organicKidz bottles are right for your baby:

  1. organicKidz bottles are 100% toxin free with no chance of leaching dangerous chemicals
  2. Stainless steel is naturally bacteria resistant unlike plastic and glass
  3. Our bottles are virtually indestructible meaning they won’t break, scratch or crack
  4. organicKidz bottles keep breast milk fresh longer than plastic or glass
  5. Parents can use our bottles indefinitely so they won’t end up in a land fill
  6. organicKidz More Like Mom™ nipples use a innovative stretch & flex design that reduces air intake resulting in less tummy pains
  7. The organicKidz Baby Grows Up™ kit provides a healthy bottle solution for babies and kids from newborn through school age
  8. Our thermal bottles keep contents hot or cold for 6+ hours making play dates, travel and outings so much easier
  9. organicKidz baby bottles have won virtually every major award in the baby feeding category
  10. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable

To learn more, visit www.organickidz.ca

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